The Center

A Center where every single elderly person
“is someone to be loved”

(our highest slogan)


Ain Karim (o Ein Karem) refers to a“Spring of water, a source or a fountain”, or more approriately, it can be called“a Vinyard” (Karm) rendered fertile by a perenial Fountain (Ain)”.

Ein Karem is the city where St. John the Baptist the precursor of Christ was born.

The parents of St. John the Baptist, Zachary and Elizabeth, were living in this town called“Ain Karim”. Here, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of Christ went to visit and render her precious services to her cousin St. Elizabeth (Lk. 1: 41-42) and stayed with her for three months. According to legend, during that period, there was a Well (that stores only rainfall water) in Ein Karem. There was a general believe of the people, that any barren woman that drinks of the water from this Well will recieve the gift of motherhood from God, if she has faith.

The Seniors Centre Ain Karim Salvatore Giuliano was built on Mount Pancali (m 380lm) above Carlisle, from which you can see a wide panorama that includes the neighboring countries, Catania, Etna and reaches to the Straits of Messina.

It is our desire to know the Center from "within", to dispel those stereotypes that label as a Seniors Centre parking to accommodate family members are getting older and in need of care and attention, and the fears of those who, at age Advanced, envisions the Center as a last resort.
Instead, we consider the Seniors Centre Ain Karim S. Giuliano our extended family, where people live and work in harmony with our brothers and sisters: employees, volunteers and seniors.



Let's have a brief look at the family of Ein Karem:

Considering the age of Mary's cousin St. Elizabeth (above 80yrs), and also in expectation, incapable of helping her aged husband Zachary who was deaf and dumb, we could see vividly the picture of a nursing home:

  • The protagonists – the aged inmates in need of assistance of every kind.

  • The presence of Mary the Mother of Jesus, as the model of every worker in a nursing home (see the “motto” of the Center).

Our Institute took her “Motto” from the virtue of the mystery of“Ain Karim” : Love of our neighbour: rendering every services with love, humility and joy, that is concluded in Mary's magnificat (Lk.1: 47-50), as Mary did to these two aged couples - Zachary and Elizabeth.

The Geriatric Structure “Centro Anziani Ain Karim of Salvatore Giuliano” was built on Mount Pancali ( 380m above sea level) that covers Carlentini. From here, one can view a wide seascape, a marvellous panorama that includes the neighbouring cities, Catania, the Volcanic Mount Etna, the cities around Mount Etna and reaches to the Straits of Messina and the extreme points of the italian Region of Calabria. It is our desire to let people know our Center from "within", to cancel those stereotypes, that label a Nursing Home as a dumping ground for family members in need of attention and care; the fears of those people, who at advanced age, envisions a Nursing Home as a last resort.
Rather, we see the Centro “Ain Karim” as our extended family, where people live and work in harmony with our brothers and sisters, namely, inmates, employees, and voluntary workers.